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Special Postal Issue | Tribute to Daniel Azulay

About the Stamp

The stamp shows a composition by Daniel Azulay himself. Beside his signature, it can be read his catchphrase "cotton candy for you!" The background is made with blue and yellow colors and some color pencils, an art tool oftenly utilized by Azulay. Techiniques employed were drawing and graphic computing.

A tribute to Daniel Azulay

Emotion is the keynote of the postage stamp dedicated to Daniel Azulay, an artist who, in his life trajectory, dispensed the best of his intentions and art in favor of national culture. The stamp enchants for the values and meanings of its iconography, which will certainly enrich the universe of collectors around the world.

Daniel Azulay was born in Rio de Janeiro, on May 30, 1947, and died on March 27, 2020, also in Rio de Janeiro, the city that was the setting for many of his works. He left at a time when Brazil was going through a serious health crisis, with the pandemic that shook the world, challenging man in the face of suffering, death and the unknown. Certainly, Daniel Azulay left convinced of having collaborated, as an educator and communicator, for decades, with the formation of individuals prepared to face the adversities of a world in crisis. He left us examples of healthy, fun and positive experiences, through the engaging interaction of his characters. Here, it is worth mentioning the Turma do Lambe-Lambe, created in 1975, to get a sense of how Azulay’s work was understood and assimilated by his audience.

Writing about Daniel Azulay gives me the feeling of being, with him, in a long, pleasant and surprising conversation. Talking to the creator of “Turma do Lambe-Lambe” is a unique moment in the journey of those who believe that art is intelligent communication and adequate to the transmission of values capable of making the world worthy of the best experiences.

Also trained in Law, Azulay was well prepared for different and varied ways of thinking, acting and creating. Author of books, comics, with publications of cartoons in various print and television media, Daniel Azulay was an artist who communicated life through his art. He traveled the world exhibiting his creations, giving lectures and conducting workshops on art, education and social responsibility. Awarded in Brazil and abroad, his works of contemporary art are part of the collection of private collections and large companies. With determination, he entered the world of video games and embraced the novelties of the digital world in order to stay connected with the new times.

His presence was remarkable on television channels, especially TV Educativa, with programs aimed at children, who assimilated the Azulaydian work with the joy of discovering life through varied and attractive allegories, stimulated by new ways of seeing the world. world.

Nothing went unnoticed in Azulay’s eyes, where the artist created, with the soul of a happy and conscious child. He bestowed on his audience the tenderest gaze. He believed that children should be touched by sparks of love and knowledge, capable of making them evolved, responsible and prosperous beings. An example of this is the Operação Lei Seca Campaign, launched in Rio de Janeiro in 2014, in which children’s characters created by Daniel Azulay, “Soprinho e sua Turma”, provided guidance on the risks of driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol.

Daniel Azulay educated, communicated and cheered, with simplicity and beauty. He created stamps and other philatelic pieces, such as aerogram and postcard. The pieces he created for the philatelic segment were aligned with the values of universal Philately. Here a highlight of the pieces issued in 1977, where the artist designed the seal sailing on a blue ocean. On the postcard from the same issue, the rainbow pierces the stamp, suggesting the idea that knowledge invades, in the form of colors, the universe of Philately. The film “A journey through the universe of Stamps”, produced by him, was taken to schools throughout Brazil, for several years, in the context of the Philately in Schools Project, showing the importance of stamps in the intellectual and educational formation of children and young people.

On the stamp of the 1992 issue of Natal, Azulay highlighted Santa Claus carrying a bag of gifts. In this work, the artist showed solidarity as a possible way to make children’s dreams come true at Christmas time. His gaze always hovered over the neediest and on environmental issues in need of effective improvement and preservation actions.

Daniel Azulay is now a stamp. His captivating smile and allegorical way of life will stamp the world. Turned into a rainbow invading the seal. Turma do Lambe-Lambe applauds those who gave life to the characters Pita, Piparote, Ritinha, Damiana, Xicória, Gilda, Bufunfa, Professor Pirajá and Tristinho. This class represents each of us, and will continue to tell a beautiful story. – Once upon a time... A genius named Daniel Azulay.

Maria de Lourdes Torres de Almeida Fonseca

Member of Academia de Letras e Música do Brasil

Technical Details

Stamp issue N. 5

Art: Daniel Azulay

Design and Art-finishing: Lidia Marina Hurovich Neiva - Correios

Print system: offset, embossing and intaglio ink

Paper: gummed chalky paper

Sheet with 15 stamps

Facial value: 1st class rate for domestic mail

Issue: 150,000 stamps

Design area: 38 x 38mm

Stamp dimensions: 38 x 38mm

Perforation: 11.5 x 11.5

Date of issue: June 13th, 2022

Place of issue: Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Printing: Brazilian Mint

Download PDF • 265KB



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