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Febraf logo - Vazio.png

EXTRACTED FROM FILACAP Newspaper Special Edition nº 37 February 1979
(kindly provided to the FEBRAF Library by Mr. Francisco Sergio Marinho)


"The urgency of time certainly prevented FEBRAF from launching a national contest for the choice of its logo. It did so, however, using some designs presented at the Congress held on February 3, 1979, when participants were asked to manifest.


After an explanation provided by the authors of the drawings, the choice was made by voting, with preferences falling to two models with declarations about small desirable changes.

With a difference of one vote, the design chosen above these lines, by Biaggeo Mazzeo, was chosen and which in general lines can be explained as follows:
1) Philately reigns over a blue circle, which is the world;
2) A golden stamp, a symbol of Philately;
3) It is dominated by the acronym FEBRAF, indicating the top representation of Brazilian Philately within the context of world collecting;
4) All adorned by a circle concentric to the blue globe, formed by 23 silver stars that symbolize the 23 philatelic entities forming the Federation. (This number - which could be modified to indicate the number of affiliated entities, as they enter the Federation - ended up being confirmed, without disdain for future members, to avoid changes in the design, changes that would undoubtedly be frequent, the measure of the entry of new member entities ... ”



- Philatelic and Numismatic Federation of Santa Catarina
- Federation of Philatelic Entities of the State of São Paulo
- Philatelic and Numismatic Association of Colina de Goiás
- Brazilian Association of Religious Philately
- Philatelic Association of Santa Catarina
- Brazilian Thematic Philately Association
- Clube Araçatubense de Filatelia
- Clube Filatélico Aureliano Marins Peixoto
- Philatelic Club of Brazil
- Clube Filatélico Cachoeira Paulista
- Philatelic and Numismatic Club Captain Neves
- Philatelic Club of Distrito Federal
- Clube Filatélico de Garça
- Marilia Philatelic Club
- Morro Agudo Philatelic Club
- Orlândia Philatelic Club
- Philatelic and Numismatic Club of Piracicaba
- Philatelic Club of São Paulo
- Philatelic Meeting of Ipanema
- Brazilian Philatelic Society
- North Paranaense Philately and Numismatics Society
- Sociedade Philatelica Paulista
- Philatelic Society of São Jose do Rio Preto

In 2020, the FEBRAF logo received the date of its foundation.

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