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Special Postal Issue | America Series: Tourism

About the Stamps

This issue consists of 3 stamps depicting three Brazilian tourist cities. The stamp of Alter do Chão, in Pará, is a photograph of its beautiful beach located on the banks of the Tapajós River. The Pirenópolis stamp, in Goiás, focuses on the famous Bridge over the River of Souls, which is located in the city center. And finally, we can see the buildings of unmistakable european architecture in the Serra da Mantiqueira in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo. The stamps still have the name of each city highlighted on the base and the UPAEP brand on the right portion. Photography and computer graphics techniques were used.

Brazilian Tourism

Tourism is the practice of traveling to other places for enjoyment. Interestingly enough, it is also responsible for stimulating the economy, thus generating employment and, in turn, generating income in the country, including through business tourism activities. Many cities, families, and companies live off the tourism industry in Brazil, and there is still a lot of potential for growth. After all, we are one of the destinations with the most tourist attractions in the world.

In this issue, Correios Brasil depicts three amazing touristic cities, never published before in Brazilian postage stamps.

Alter do Chão

There is a true paradise called Alter do Chão located in Santarém, a city in the northeastern state of Pará. Also known as the “Amazonian Caribbean,” the region became popular worldwide after being voted one of the most beautiful beach destinations in Brazil, containing stunning locations on the banks of Tapajós and Arapiuns Rivers.

In addition, the area is surrounded by the intense green Amazon Rainforest, which can be admired by tourists from their boats and from the white sandbanks that are so common in the region. Alter do Chão offers spectacular landscapes all year round, some of which are the beaches of Ilha do Amor, Ponta do Cururu, Ponta do Muretá, Ponta de Pedras, Ponta do Caxambu, Lago Preto, Pindobal, and Manguari. Influenced by Amazonian culture, the region attracts a large number of tourists who want to experience the renowned local dolphin-themed celebrations called Festa do Sairé and Festival dos Botos. They are both traditional religious and folkloric celebrations that take place on different days in the month of September.

Campos do Jordão

With an estimated population of 60,000 people, Campos do Jordão is located in the countryside of the state of São Paulo. Since it is located right on the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, one of the highest mountain ranges in Brazil, the city is surrounded by fantastic nature. However, its gorgeous landscapes are not its only attractions. As it is the highest urban center in the country, at an altitude of 1,628 meters, it is also extremely popular with visitors who enjoy chillier weather. There are frequent cultural programs in the city streets and natural areas, especially during the winter. Visitors to the region can also do some shopping at the local fabric stores and chocolate stores, as well as attend the Campos do Jordão International Winter Festival, one of the most prestigious classical music events in the country.


Pirenópolis, one of the earliest cities in the state of Goiás, was founded by a Portuguese miner named Manoel Rodrigues Tomar. Having been an important urban center in the 18th and 19th centuries, with gold mining, commerce, and agriculture as its main activities at the time, the city is currently one of the most fascinating Brazilian tourist destinations due to its local architecture and charming historic streets. Visitors will fall in love with its hotels, inns, and restaurants with outdoor dining. In addition, Pirenópolis is surrounded by stunning nature. Known as the “cradle of water springs” in Brazil, the region is home to several waterfalls, some of which are Usina Velha, Meia Lua, Araras, Salto Corumbá, Dragões, and Coqueiro.

Embratur - Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion

Technical Details

Stamp issue N. 15

Photos: stock photography by Embratur

Print system: offset

Paper: gummed chalky paper

Sheet with 12 stamps

Facial value: R$ 5.20

Issue: 108,000 stamps (36,000 of each)

Design area: 54 x 20mm

Stamp dimensions: 59 x 25mm

Perforation: 11.5 x 12

Date of issue: September 27th , 2021

Places of issue: Pirenópolis/GO, Santarém/PA and Campos do Jordão/SP

Printing: Brazilian Mint

Download PDF • 166KB



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