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Commemorative Postal Issue | Bicentenary of Independence – Oficial Logo

About the Stamp

The postage stamp focuses on the official logo of the Bicentennial of Independence, which bears the detail of the sword that D. Pedro I would have shouted during the “shout of Ipiranga” in yellow. The background of the postage stamp is green, which together with the yellow, refers to the national colors. The technique used was computer graphics.

Bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil

Essentially, Philately acts as an instrument for disseminating the memory of the sociocultural heritage of a people, both in Brazil and for the world. The registration of a country's independence transcends the bounds of its territory. Thus, the theme “Independence of Brazil”, a fact of worldwide relevance, has been the reason for postage stamps over the years. We can cite as an example the issues of the years 1922 (Centenary of Independence), 1962 (140th years of Independence of Brazil) and 1972 (Sesquicentennial of Independence).

In addition to these, Correios is issuing in a progressive count since 2017 and that will end up in 2022 in a joint issue with Portugal, depicting Dom Pedro I in his last painting made in life by the work of Simplício Rodrigues de Sá.

2022, the year of the Bicentennial, Philately will celebrate 200 years of Brazilian sovereignty with a special project that, in addition of marking the fact historically with the traditional view of history, linked to great deeds and national heroes, also intends to artistically approach characters who do not makes up the list of heroes who contributed to the success of independence, and will be to focusing on popular movements that took place in various parts of the country in favor of Brazilian autonomy.

The purpose of this series in honor of the Bicentennial is to visually show that Independence went through different expressions in Brazilian territory, with a multiplicity of actions and political projects. Therefore, the project begins with the Commemorative Issue of the Official Logo of the Bicentennial of Independence, and will continue with the issues of Popular Movements, Personalities, Historic Buildings and the Participation of the Correios Brasil over those 200 years.

With this, we also reinforce, through Philately, the various styles that demonstrate the cultural richness and the different artistic conceptions with a touch of Brazilianness for such an important celebration for the nation.

The Independence of Brazil was announced with a shout, but its conquest demanded the sacrifice of countless heroes, ordinary people who, despite the differences that separated them, were united under the same ideal.

The symbol we are now all used to united at the same time the body, soul and spirit of the nation: the former prince, now Emperor, assured the new State the blood relationship with its history, at the same time that affirmed our identity, our values and our sovereignty. But he didn't do that alone; his wife, example of culture, sweetness and prudence, gave him the security of acting for the good of all Brazilians, while his advisers, with the Patriarch at forward, assured him that time would be a benevolent judge of their actions.

As the sword wears out and demands a new forge, the feeling of nationality requires care to keep sharp. We are independent when not submissive. We are sovereign when we decide our own destiny. We are free when our will follows our heart and the will of God.

The independence of a nation is not complete in a single moment of the story. It requires the continuous effort to be conquered and preserved in each generation. Let us remember, therefore, in this year of the Bicentennial of Independence of Brazil, our responsibility to ensure freedom for posterity, the Sovereignty and Independence that were conquered and transmitted to us by those who saw far, far beyond us. It is our duty towards them, ourselves, and all the children of this earth.

SECOM - Special Secretariat for Social Communication

Technical Details

Stamp issue N. 7

Art-finishing: Philately Manager (Correios Brasil)

Print system: Spot color (green and yellow) and spot UV varnish

Paper: gummed chalky paper

Sheet with 30 stamps

Facial value: R$ 0.01

Issue: 1,800,000 stamps

Design area: 40 x 30mm

Stamp dimensions: 40 x 30mm

Perforation: 11.5 x 12

Date of issue: June 17th, 2022

Place of issue:Brasília/DF

Printing: Brazilian Mint

Download PDF • 230KB



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