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Commemorative Postal Issue Christmas – Reunions

About the Stamp

The Christmas 2021 stamp celebrates love, gratitude, and hope. The Christmas is symbolized by the tree and Santa’s cap. The Bell and the Guiding Star represent the annunciation, the birth of the baby Jesus, the hope for new times. The heart in the center of the stamp is the love, which unites us every Christmas and, more than ever, stands out at this atypical moment in our lives. The continuous line signifies the union of all in effort to build a better world. The hands of the figures ask and give thanks that we are together again. Digital painting technique was utilized.

Christmas – Reunions

Christmas is time for reflection and renewal, for believing and taking steps towards a new world. It is a time of hope. This year, it has an even greater symbolism. It is the second Christmas that we live still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. These challenging moments demand endurance, perseverance and faith. We already see a better future, better days, a new life full of learning and a lot of hope and gratitude. We already see a Christmas closer to our loved ones, who make our hearts beat, and we contemplate the possibility of having moments full of exchanges, affection, real-life bonds.

It’s a time for reunions, eye to eye, to resynify the moments lived and bring to the present moment what is truly important, making our smile grow, our heart beat faster, our eyes shine, to have sincere conversations with words of affection and realize the fact that, in the face of so many struggles, we are better today. The now is worthwhile and makes us sure of the days of light. A new story is being written by each one of us and by all of us together.

This emission brings a message of connections, beyond the great virtual connections made over the last few years. It brings closeness, represented by the line of union of the elements and people illustrated by the artists Ariadne Decker and Meik, mother and son who, through abstract art, demonstrate the union and love of Christmas.

Christmas is always full of meanings. Like the Good Santa, dressed in his cap and red clothes, arriving in his sleigh driven by reindeers to deliver presents to so many children. Thus, with his traditional Hoho-ho and the ringing of the bell, he also reverberates light and hope wherever he goes, being present in the imagination of children and adults alike.

For the Christian religions, Christmas is the celebration of the day of the birth of baby Jesus, who came to announce the good news, enlightening our look and feel, and to teach all humanity love as the path of life. The Guiding Star, represented on the stamp, guided the Three Wise Men to find the place where Jesus was. It also symbolizes light and hope.

And so, full of symbolism and meaning to brighten our days, this release of the Christmas stamp 2021 speaks of the good news of unity, of bonds of affection, of friendship, of family, of love. It brings hope for tomorrow, for a possible reunion. It brings love through unions.

May your Christmas be filled with good feelings with the certainty of a new and better world!

This is the wish of the Brazilian Post for all of you! For all of us!


Technical Details

Stamp issue N. 18

Art: Ariadne Decker/Meik

Print system: offset

Paper: gummed chalky paper

Sheet with 30 stamps

Facial value: 1st class rate for

domestic mail

Issue: 300,000 stamps

Design area: 25 x 35mm

Stamp dimensions: 30 x 40mm

Perforation: 12 x 11.5

Date of issue: October 12th , 2021

Places of issue: São José/SC, São José do Rio Preto/SP, Brasília/DF and all state capitals, except Santa Catarina.

Printing: Brazilian Mint

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