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Commemorative Postal Issue | 150 Years of Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute

About the Souvenir Sheet

The souvenir sheet consists of two photographs and other visual elements that refer to the foundations of the institution and its history. On the left, we see building 01 of the Higienópolis campus, where the institution was consolidated and from where it grew to other Brazilian cities and states. On the right, the photograph of the students dates from 1895. The logos used also point to the institution’s roots. In addition to the M that characterizes the Mackenzie pride of belonging, there is also, beside it, the Bush, logo of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil – a lifetime member of the Mackenzie – and a symbol which represents the divine call of the missionary couple Chamberlain, who sowed it in 1870 , the seed that germinated, grew and continues to bear fruit until today with its mission of educating and caring for human beings in an integral way for the full exercise of citizenship. The circle in the image shows God at the center of Mackenzie’s entire base, and foundation of its existence, pointing to tradition. The hexagon, on the other hand, represents constant innovation and the hunt for knowledge. The techniques used were photography, digital art and graphic composition.

150 Years of Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute

The Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute (IPM), founded in 1870, with a primary course, by American Presbyterian missionaries convinced of the benefits of education in improving the social conditions of the people, was the first institution in Brazil to promote acceptance and non-discrimination by race, bringing together, in the same classroom, children of both sexes, children of free and enslaved men, several of them with scholarships from the Institution. Although it was created and still remains faithful to the values and beliefs of the Reformed faith of Presbyterian expression until today, the Institution has never been sectarian and has always welcomed everyone without distinction.

The Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute, a non-profit, economic, philanthropic civil association with educational, social, welfare and health, confessional, emerged in the city of São Paulo, today sesqui centennial and traditional Educational Institution, has been fully fulfilling the purpose for the which was created, is fully operational, providing relevant services in its teaching, research, extension and health activities, aims to fulfill its mission of educating and caring for human beings, created in the image of God, for the full exercise of citizenship , in an environment of Reformed Christian faith.

At the same time, it has always stood out for its teaching system with modern didactics, recognized even by the then Emperor, Dom Pedro II, on a visit to the so-called American School in 1878.

The excellence of the educational innovations of Mackenzie College, successfully implemented, was unanimously recognized and in 1890, the government of São Paulo, intending to dynamize public instruction, sought, in modern Mackenzie educational and pedagogical molds, its new educational guidelines. Afterwards, this model was adopted in several states. It can be said that the American School was responsible for a new educational era in our country.

The initial school was consolidated, the work prospered, expanding its educational horizons. We currently have around 48 thousand students, of which 28 thousand with partial or full scholarships - 7 thousand of them philanthropic -, ranging from pre-school to post-graduate studies at master’s and doctoral levels, present in 15 states of the Federation and the Federal District, with face-to-face or distance education, in addition to two philanthropic hospitals which, in 2019, provided more than 1.6 million consultations.

In addition to teaching and extension activities, Mackenzie is also at the forefront of Brazilian research through its excellent research centers. Two of the current highlights of Mackenzie are the MackGraphe Laboratory (Center for Research in Graphene, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology) and the Mackenzie Center for Economic Freedom, both inaugurated in 2016.

In the year of commemorations of the 150th anniversary of its existence and services rendered to society, completed on October 18, 2020, IPM is extremely proud of its trajectory and honored to be able to commemorate this anniversary with the emission as the highlight of the festivities. of a commemorative postage stamp. We will thus celebrate moments of gratitude to God for the great deeds He has promoted in our Institution.

Mauricio Melo de Meneses


Sesquicentennial Commission - Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute

Technical Details

Stamp issue N. 19

Arte: Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute

Print system: offset

Paper: gummed chalky paper

Souvenir sheet with 1 stamp

Facial value: R$ 5.20

Issue: 15,000 souvenir sheets

Design area: 44 x 26mm

Stamp dimensions: 44 x 26mm

Souvenir sheet dimensions: 137 x 85mm

Perforation: 11 x 11.5

Date of issue: October 15th, 2021

Place of issue: São Paulo/SP

Printing: Brazilian Mint

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